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Monday Night Raw Results, August 04TH, 2014

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H make their way to the ring where the official contract signing table, chairs, and carpet are set up. Nikki and Brie Bella make their way to the ring. Triple H says that in two weeks at SummerSlam, which you can see on the WWE Network for $9.99, there will be a historic match between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon. When an icon steps out of retirement, it is his job to oversee such a thing. When the icon is his wife and the mother of his children, it presents a personal conflict. Hunter says that he has asked Michael Cole to officiate things. Hunter says that he is here as a loving, proud, and devoted husband.
Brie wants this done before everyone starts throwing up. Stephanie says that Brie should understand about supportive husbands. She asks here Brie’s puny, hippie dippie husband is. Is he still recovering? Brie says that Daniel is still recovering, but she asks if Stephanie has recovered from . . . We see Stephanie being arrested a few weeks ago on Raw. Brie asks Steph if when she was made a jailbird, was it easier to trade in her power suit for an orange jumpsuit or was it easier for Stephanie to trade in Hunter for her cellmate, Beulah.
Brie says that she will not only embarrass Stephanie, it will happen in front of the WWE Universe. She will send a message that the great Stephanie McMahon is a fraud and failure. An embarrassment to the McMahon family. It is not just for her, Nikki, or Daniel. It is for Vickie Guerrero, the Big Show, the Rhodes Family, and for every other person the roster they have tortured week after week for their own amusement. Brie says that karma always comes around and it will come crashing down on her in ways that Stephanie cannot imagine. Brie signs the contract and calls Stephanie a conniving petty piece of trash.
Stephanie says that she doesn’t know what to do after what Brie said. She says that all of those wrestling families enjoy being represented by Brie. Stephanie says that she is a fourth generation McMahon. Brie is a wannabe reality star who abandoned her husband and stole the spotlight from her sister for a match at SummerSlam. She calls Brie a shallow shell of a woman. Stephanie says that she is embarrassed to be in the same ring as Brie. She will put an end to Brie’s pathetic attempt to make history. Stephanie says that she will tear Brie’s heart out at SummerSlam.
We get a stare down and then Stephanie throws the contract at Nikki and Hunter uses the table to keep Brie in the corner. Stephanie with a Pedigree to Nikki. Hunter and Stephanie do the Yes Chant and then Brie slaps Hunter. Stephanie slams Brie’s head into the contract signing table. Stephanie with a Pedigree to Brie.
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