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Monday Night Raw Results August 11TH, 2014

Back from the break and out comes Stephanie McMahon to the ring. We get a replay of last week’s closing segment with Stephanie and Brie Bella. Stephanie says it’s always her mission to do what’s best for the entire WWE Universe. She says sometimes they receive information that could negatively impact the lives of their employees and they’re faced with decisions. She mentions Daniel Bryan having surgery and rehab. Stephanie brings out the woman that has been helping Bryan, physical therapist Megan Miller. We see a photo of Megan and Bryan doing PT on the big screen. Megan is in the audience and comes to the ring.
Stephanie says Megan has something to confess. She says Megan is the victim and encourages her to confess what she has to say. Megan says she has gotten to know Brie and Bryan and they’re good people. Megan and her boyfriend have had dinner with them. She’s tried hard to get Bryan back in the ring. The crowd gives her the “what?” treatment. Stephanie tells her to go on. Megan says she’s ashamed. Her boyfriend left her because of this. She says she can’t be Bryan’s physical therapist anymore. Stephanie asks why. She says it all happened so innocently. The woman says she has been having an affair with Bryan. Brie Bella rushes out and gets in Megan’s face. Stephanie eggs them on. Brie ends up slapping Megan and spearing Stephanie before putting her in the Yes Lock. They’re broken up and Stephanie says they’re going to finish this tonight.
In the Arena:
We go to the ring and out comes Brie Bella. Stephanie McMahon comes out next and she’s not dressed to wrestle. Stephanie says she would have loved to beat Brie tonight but they have to wait to SummerSlam after all, that is if Brie makes it to SummerSlam. We get a replay of the segment with Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist. Stephanie says Megan Miller is pressing charges on Brie for assaulting her. Police officers come over and cuff her. Brie gets read her rights and starts crying as Stephanie taunts her. Stephanie says if Brie makes bail, she’ll see her at SummerSlam. We go to commercial.
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