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Monday Night Raw Results July 28TH, 2014

Stephanie McMahon walks in the back and she knocks on the Divas Locker Room door and Nikki comes out. Stephanie says that she was looking for Brie and Nikki says that Brie will be here soon. Nikki says that Brie will be expressing herself.
Stephanie says that she hopes that Brie will understand. Nikki tells Stephanie that there are not many times when people like Stephanie get to eat a plate of crap and she hopes Stephanie likes the way it tastes.
Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring and she is not accompanied by her husband.
Stephanie says that she stands before you a humbled woman. You don’t have to believe her, but getting arrested is a life altering experience. She is a principal owner of WWE and she represents four generations of McMahons. She represents this company and the sponsors. Now they cannot look at her in the eye without considering her a common criminal.
This has affected her personally as well. Her daughters cannot understand what it means to be in jail. They are teased at camp and they no longer have any play dats.
Brie walks to the ring and her music plays. She says that Stephanie invited here tonight and she wants Stephanie to get to the point or will she stand there like a whiny rich bitch.
Stephanie asks Brie to drop the charges. Brie wants to know why would she do that. Stephanie says that no one deserves this. Brie tells Stephanie that she deserves to go to hell. Stephanie says that she may have taken advantage of Brie’s sister. She will treat Nikki fair and professionally. Brie tells Stephanie that she is being unprofessional. Stephanie offers to give Nikki a raise.
Brie says that she has some demands. Brie says that she wants her job back. Stephanie tells Brie she needs to be reasonable. She is giving Nikki a raise and one Bella is enough. Brie tells Stephanie she will see her in court.
Stephanie asks if Brie will drop all charges if she gets her job back. Stephanie agrees to the deal.

Brie says that there is one more thing she wants. She wants a match at SummerSlam. Stephanie tells Brie she has a match. Is it for the Divas Championship? What about a Total Divas Spectacular. Brie says that she wants a match against Stephanie.
Stephanie says that she hasn’t competed in more than ten years. She has dedicated her career to being a wife and a mom. She tells Brie to reconsider. She is giving Nikki a raise and she will give Brie any match that she wants. Brie says that if she doesn’t get the match, she won’t drop the charges.
Stephanie tells Brie to stop. Stephanie says that she cannot wrestle and compete against Brie with all of the people chanting Yes. Stephanie refuses to do it. She will not lower herself to get into the ring again. Brie tells Stephanie she will see her in court. Stephanie reconsiders and she says that if she agrees to face Brie at SummerSlam, Brie will drop all charges.
Brie agrees to the condition. Stephanie agrees to the match. Stephanie tells Brie that she needs to consider . . . (Stephanie slaps Brie off the apron) She will make Brie her bitch.
Brie attacks Stephanie and the agents come to the ring to separate Brie and Stephanie. Brie with an elbow to Jamie Noble and she goes after Stephanie. Hunter pulls Stephanie out of the ring and away from the crazy Bella.
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