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The Bella Twins - WWE Monday Night Raw Recap – November 25th

WRESTLING, RAW, SMACKDOWN, THE DIVAS, The Bella Twins, Brie Bella & Nikki Bella, 05 IANUARIE 2014
7-on-7 Divas Elimination Match
Total Divas vs Team AJ

Aksana and Brie shove each other and talk trash, then Brie hits a side suplex for a near fall before hitting a Bella Buster for the first fall. Brie dropkicks Rosa and tags Nikki, and they hit Double Trouble for the next fall before Cameron goes for a DDT but Tamina throws her into the corner. Naomi tags in and helps Cameron knock Tamina down, then Naomi hits the ropes and hits a jawbreaker before Tamina responds with a superkick for the next fall. Cameron dives onto Tamina from the ropes but Tamina catches her and hits a Samoan drop for another fall, then Nattie runs in and tries to steal a rollup. Tamina kicks her in the face a few times and goes for a corner splash, but Nattie sidesteps her and hits a discus clothesline.
Nattie press slams her and lets JoJo run in and make the pin, then she sidesteps a kick by Alicia and goes for another pin attempt. JoJo hits the ropes but Alicia hits a backbreaker for another elimination, then Eva runs in and catches Alicia with a sunset flip for an elimination. Nattie and Kaitlyn tag in and Kaitlyn hits a shoulder tackle, then she goes for a fireman’s carry but Nattie counters with a Sharpshooter and makes her tap out. AJ charges Nattie and punches her in the face, then she goes for a rollup but Nattie counters and goes for a Sharpshooter. AJ counters and gets a rollup for another elimination, then Brie kicks AJ and hits a Bella Buster for the win. Summer is the only one left for her team and she tries to dance her way out, then Eva and Brie prevent her from leaving and Nikki hits a torture backbreaker for the win.
Winners – Eva Marie & The Bella Twins

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