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The Bella Twins - Total Divas Recap: Episode #13: Get That Chingle Chingle

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Brie is shown coming out for a singles match against Tamina. She talks about how different it is not wrestling in a tag team since Nikki’s injury and that she is missing her.
Nikki and John Cena are then at Cena’s house. Cena tries to light a fire and Nikki suggests that he put up some personal photos. She says that his house feels like a hotel and that she wants to put a personal touch on the things.
Things head to Florida and John and Nikki pull up to a restaurant. He gives her crap for pulling up in the parking spot too far. He is excited to get back to work. Nikki talks about wanting to redecorate the house a bit. Cena seems uneasy about it. She says she feels weird that he doesn’t seem to want to decorate the house.
Then, Nikki and John Cena are shown. Nikki asks John if he wants a massage. She goes to get ready for a shower. She puts her clothes in the wrong hamper and John Cena corrects her. Nikki says she thinks John may be a bit OCD.
Then, Nikki is shown leaving a grocery store. She calls Brie and says that John had no food in his house. Apparently John doesn’t keep a lot of food in his house because he doesn’t want it stained. Nikki wants to make the house feel more like home, so she is going to stock the fridge.
Things head to Tampa to John Cena’s house. Nikki is cooking dinner for John. He comes home and is a bit speechless over what she’s doing. John figured that she would pick a place for them to go out. He asks her if her making dinner is a one time thing. Nikki says that his reaction has kind of hurt her feelings because he just cares about his stone counter tops and water being on the floor.
Nikki says that she feels uncomfortable with living there and that it feels like she is living in a museum. She leaves and goes upstairs.
Things head back to John Cena’s house. Nikki arrives and John has gifts of candles, flowers, and blank picture frames for her. He says that he thinks she has been right all along. He says that she lives here now, so it needs to be their house. He doesn’t want the way he likes things to get in the way of everything. He says his gifts are the start. She asks if they can cook dinner.
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