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Summer Rae - NXT Women's Championship tournament heats up!

In a matter of weeks, the first Women’s Champion will officially be crowned on WWE NXT. WWE.com examines the final four Divas who could find themselves placed in the NXT history books, plus provides firsthand analysis from several WWE and NXT personalities.

Summer Rae has displayed a knack for identifying a goal and achieving it at all costs. It seems like yesterday that NXT’s blonde bombshell abruptly abandoned her ring announcing duties to attack an unsuspecting Paige. Unsatisfied with simply shocking the NXT Universe, Summer Rae has strategically placed herself alongside WWE Superstar Fandango, thus gaining more exposure and fame than ever before. Could the NXT Women’s Championship be the missing link that solidifies Summer’s ultimate game plan?
Sasha Banks, who was defeated by Rae during the first round of the tournament, offered her perspective.
“The one thing I learned about Summer Rae is that she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve,” Banks stated. “A lot of these Divas show you all their cards up front and you know what they are all about, but Summer is different. She’s sneaky and conniving, but she’s also confident. That could be her recipe for success if she keeps it up.”
Paige, Emma, Alicia Fox and Summer Rae have each traveled different paths up this point, but they’re united in their single mission: to become the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion. Opinions and attitudes aside, all four NXT Women’s Championship Tournament finalists are determined to cement their legacy in the annals of history — and only one will snare NXT’s newest prize.
Who do you think will become the first NXT Women’s Champion? Weigh-in now on social media by using #NXTWomensChampionship.
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