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LAYLA EL - SMACKDOWN Results: July 12 TH, 2013

WRESTLING | RAW | SMACKDOWN | THE DIVAS | LAYLA EL | 13 IULIE 2013 | Posted by: Sarah || Filed in: Smackdown Results || July 13th, 2013

Time for the Divas contract signing, Teddy Long is in the ring with Kaitlyn, A.J, Layla, Natalya, Cameron, Naomi, Alicia, Askana, and Big E. Langston. WWE Divas Champion A.J Lee will face Kaitlyn at Money in the Bank for the Divas title. Kaitlyn and A.J are seated and ready to sign the contract. Teddy presents the contract and A.J goes to sign it first, but before she signs, A.J takes the mic and says no one cared about the Divas division till she won the Divas title. Before she can continue, Teddy Long cuts in and tells her – “We ain’t got time for all that” and A.J proceeds to sign the contract. After that, she warns Kaitlyn and tells her that she will embarrass her worse than before. Layla grabs the pen from A.J and gives it to Kaitlyn and she signs the contract. A.J then takes out a phone and reads the texts that Kaitlyn sent to her “secret admirer.” The first text Kaitlyn sent to her “admirer” said that Natalya only talks about Khali and to never trust a Neidhart. Another text that was sent said that Cameron and Naomi only care about their reality show.
Kaitlyn takes the phones and throws it outside, Layla comes in and tells Kaitlyn to stop. That’s not where it ends, A.J puts the texts onto the big screen, embarrassing Kaitlyn even more. Kaitlyn goes on to tell A.J that she won’t let “a needy, clingy, man-crazed, psychopath” destroy her again. Kaitlyn says that she will be champion again while A.J rocks back and forth in a padded cell, A.J slaps Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn pushes A.J and pushes A.J along with the table to the corner. She gets on top of the table and attacks A.J, Big E. comes in and holds Kaitlyn back. Kaitlyn then slaps Big E. and spears A.J. A.J is knocked out, Kaitlyn exits the ring and Layla walks backstage with her.

What do you think about this? What are your predictions for Money in the Bank? Will Kaitlyn leave as champion or will A.J retain? Let us know!
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