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WWE Main Event Results, October 07TH, 2014

Nikki Bella, Summer Rae, Cameron, and Layla El vs Brie Bella

Summer starts off and she pushes Brie to the mat but Brie tries for a single leg crab. Brie with drop kicks to Summer and she gets a near fall. Summer with a knee and Layla tags in and hits a thrust kick. Layla with a knee to the midsection followed by a DDT for a near fall. Layla slams Brie’s head into the mat and then she applies a rear chin lock. Brie with a forearm but Layla with a forearm of her own.

Layla slams Brie’s head into the mat again. Cameron comes in and hits a clothesline and she mocks the Yes Chant. Brie gets a near fall but Cameron with a kick to Brie. Cameron chokes Brie in the ropes. Cameron follows with a reverse chin lock. Cameron sends Brie to the mat and then she hits a suplex followed by a split leg drop to the waist for a near fall.

Cameron with a surfboard on Brie but Brie is able to escape the hold with a snap mare. Brie with a running knee to the head and she goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick. Brie knocks Nikki off the apron with a forearm but Cameron with an elbow but Brie clotheslines Layla when she tries to interfere.

Cameron with a kick and then Summer kicks her in the back. Nikki tags herself in and Nikki mocks Brie and hits a running knee to the head. Nikki gets Brie up for the Torture Rack and gets the three count.

Winners: Cameron, Layla El, Summer Rae, and Nikki Bella

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