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Monday Night Raw Results, October 27TH, 2014

Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella) vs. Naomi

Naomi with a waist lock and a snap mare followed by a sliding clothesline. Nikki with an elbow. Nikki with an Alabama Slam and she kicks Naomi. Nikki runs Naomi into the turnbuckles and connects with shoulders. Nikki sends Naomi into the ropes and chokes her. Nikki chokes Naomi in the ropes. Nikki pulls Naomi away from the ropes and she gets a near fall.

Nikki with a clothesline into the corner and follows with a snap mare and rear chin lock. Nikki sends Naomi to the mat but Naomi sends Nikki into the ropes. Naomi with a drop kick and a flying flip clothesline. Naomi with a Bubba Bomb followed by a kick to the back. Naomi with a double knee drop for a near fall. Nikki rolls to the floor.

Naomi rolls Nikki back in and Naomi with a round kick and Brie grabs Naomi’s ankle and that allows Nikki to knock Naomi off the apron. Nikki tells Brie she did a good job before Nikki sends Naomi back into the ring. Nikki with Shock Treatment for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Bella

After the match, Nikki has Brie come into the ring to raise her hand.

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