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Monday Night Raw Resunts August 25TH, 2014

Jerry Lawler welcomes Nikki and Brie Bella to the ring to try and work out their differences, and Nikki mocks Brie for coming out to the same entrance music. Brie says she could have the music, and she wants to make things right, because she loves her family and she thought she did the right thing. Brie says she quit because she was standing by her husband, and she really is sorry, but Nikki calls it a load of crap.
Nikki says the fans might be stupid enough to believe her but she doesn’t, because Brie wants the spotlight and she never cared about Nikki. Brie denies it but Nikki says this is all an act, and Brie has always held her back so she is so done with all of this.
Nikki runs the fans down before attacking Brie’s personal life, and she says Brie is loved because she is Mrs. Daniel Bryan, but Brie used to steal all of her boyfriends. Nikki says she is telling the truth and Brie abandoned her, and Brie sat home and watched on TV while she got put in handicap matches and attacked.
Nikki continues to scream at Brie and Lawler tries to intervene, but Nikki calls him an old man and tells him to get lost. Nikki tells Brie she doesn’t have a sister and she wishes Brie died in the room, then she pulls Brie’s hair and slaps her. She shoves Brie over a chair and hits her a few times, then Lawler and a few referees finally separate them and Brie cries as Nikki walks away.
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