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Digital spy Nikki Bella I Want to Take on Heel Paige for The Divas Championship

When you’re stuck in a one-hand-behind-your-back battle with Alicia Fox, you know it’s not going to end well. Nikki Bella – one half of The Bella Twins – found that out to her cost on Monday night (July 7) when Fox plain refused to play by the rules, taking on her opponent two-handed before dousing her with drinks, Stone Cold-style.
Ahead of the UK launch of Total Divas on E! later this month, Digital Spy caught up with Nikki to chat about standing by her man, fighting The Authority, and taking back her Divas Championship.
How are you recovering from the beatdown you took from Alicia Fox? 
“Does she ever play by the rules?! I was sceptical… any time I hear her music when she comes out I’m like, ‘Great’. I’m sore… definitely sore. It didn’t stop – on Main Event it was me versus all the other Total Divas.

“Brie’s right next to me right now sleeping, I’m trying to hit her awake! She just booked me a massage in an hour and a half so I’m like, okay! You get some points back… my sister, she can be kind, plus the reason why I’m getting beaten up is her fault!”
When is Brie going to come back and get her revenge against Stephanie McMahon? There’s been talk of SummerSlam…
“I want it sooner, because I just want my sister back. But if they had a showdown at SummerSlam, I think that would be the main event. There’d be nothing better. What I love is when they keep doing that replay [from Payback] when Brianna… I call it the ‘slap punch’. I don’t think that was a straight slap to Stephanie McMahon. That was like a slap-PUNCH.

“I saw Stephanie when she came back, you had to see her face. Not only did it have three claw marks, it was so bright red! I see that and I’m like ‘goodness’. I’m getting my butt kicked every week for it, and I just want Brie to come back and take her on. I can’t wait for it. If it’s SummerSlam, man, that’s going to be a moneymaker. To me that’s the money match.”

Do you think there will be a time when Divas matches are main eventing pay-per-views and it won’t be seen as a strange thing?
“I hope and pray for that. There’s nothing I would want more. Brie and I work so hard in that ring and outside that ring, and a lot of the Divas do. That’s something that we would love. Do I understand that I’m in a man’s industry? 100%. When I see all those little boys, I see them look at the guys and that’s their Superman, that’s their Batman.

“I think it’ll be very tough for us to main event, but I think it can definitely happen. To tell you the truth, I think Steph and Brie are two women that could definitely make that happen. I think there’s a few of us in the division that definitely in the future could make that happen, and I truly hope one day it will. I think the day that we do it, they’ll see the success of it and realize we can do it a lot.”
How threatened do you feel by some of the amazing talent in NXT, like Emma, Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks and the rest?
“I actually have to say I’m really, really excited. When you have such a love and passion for wrestling and you love to work, you want to get in with good workers. I want those girls to come up, I want to get in the ring with them. I want challenges, I want to compete. I don’t want it to always be easy. I don’t want it to always just be a few of us girls. I want there to be competition.

“I’ve been an athlete and competitor my whole life, and there’s nothing more that I get off on than competition. I was saying earlier that I want to wrestle Brie. Brie’s gotten so good in the ring and [Daniel] Bryan [Danielson] and her have worked so hard in that ring before live events.
“I want to get in there and wrestle my sister! That’s the fun part, when you get in there with someone who has the same passion for wrestling and that can work well and you can put on a good match where you can really just get at each other.
“There’s a few matches in the past few months that I’ve had with Natalya, my goodness, we’re actually going at it really hard. We were loving it! The harder we were hitting each other, the better it was. It was just fun to do certain takedown moves.
“That’s the stuff that makes it fun, so I’m happy ‘cos these girls down there have been training hard and I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about them and I’m like, ‘Get up here, I’m excited!’.
“I was excited when Paige came up. If she goes heel one day, I’m like, please! I’m hoping for it because I’m a babyface and there’s nothing more that I’d love than to work a program with Paige. I think it’d be awesome.
“So I’m excited for these girls to come up. I never look at people as threats, because I’m always like, ‘What makes our product better?’ Having great female wrestlers makes our product better.”
When are you going to be back in the Divas Championship picture?
“I hope soon! I want that Divas Championship. When I train in the gym and when I go to the ring early and train, all I think about is getting that Divas Championship. How can I be impressive? How can I have the crowd be behind me and connect with me and want me to be the Divas Champion?

“I think about that all the time, all the time! That’s what’s on my vision board. I truly hope to get that Championship back. I had it for a week, and I want a longer reign than that. I want to make that Championship mean something. I want to get great storylines.
“And if anything I hope Paige takes it off of AJ and Paige and I go into a story. I would love to take it off Paige. That would be awesome. Hopefully Paige and I can do something after her and AJ are done, but we’ll see.
“It’s live TV and it changes every week, but I want to get in it, I want to get in it bad. I have stuff up my sleeve that I want to show the crowd, that I’m waiting and saving it for, but I just can’t wait – I hope it’s soon.”
What’s more fun, filming Total Divas or being in that WWE ring?
“To me, nothing is more fun than being in that ring. That ring is just my heart, it’s my passion. There’s nothing like beating up some girls, hitting them with the Rack Attack, I must say that’s the most fun I ever have.”

People are sceptical about reality shows – Total Divas seems to ring more true than most, is that important to you?
“Definitely. That’s why I think Total Divas has done so well so far and we’re filming season three right now. You truly get that look at Divas inside the ring and outside the ring. You get a look into backstage. You could be watching Monday Night Raw one night and you see Nikki Bella have a match, then when you tune into Total Divas, you can see how my reaction was backstage about the match.

“Or, ‘Oh my gosh, her tooth is knocked out and I’m now seeing the blood – I thought that was fake!’ or ‘Wow, Naomi before that match got into a fight with John Uso [Jimmy Uso] and I can’t believe she went out and did that good’. It’s crazy because you get to see all that and you can always relate it back to Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown or Main Event.”
We get to see you and John together on Total Divas, but you don’t share the screen on WWE TV as much – would you like to?
“For right now, I like how it’s different. I think that’s what makes Total Divas so unique and special – that’s where you get to see John and I. You don’t see us [together] on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown, or Main Event, you see us only on Total Divas.

“I really like that because you see us a few times backstage, which is cool, and you see us on the tour bus, but you really get to see us at home. You get to see how we live at home, how we love each other, how normal we are, how we go through thick and thin and through trials and tribulations in a relationship, just like normal people.
“You can see what an amazing man he is. John truly is such a romantic, he really is, and he’s so amazing. I like how you get to see that, but before I have to retire because my body is like, ‘No more wrestling’, I definitely want to do a storyline with John on WWE TV. 100% I think we would have so much fun.
“I think of when I’m out there with Brie and we have so much fun! I love it! When you’re out there with girls you like and love too. It’s fun. It’s such an addiction. Definitely before the body retires, I would love to do something with John.”
John has been ‘The Guy’ for so long which brings the love/hate thing – how do you feel about that, do you feel protective of him?
“John loves this business, he truly lives and dies for this business. It’s what he breathes. I’m with him all the time and when he’s not at work, he’s doing whatever he can to make work better. I’m very protective of him, I’ve always referred to myself as a lioness. That’s my king and I’m the queen!

“But when I hear those chants it actually makes me laugh because if they didn’t like him they wouldn’t even say his name. I think it’s become more fun. When you hear it you hear all the little kids say ‘Let’s go, Cena!’ and then you hear the men say ‘Cena sucks’.
“I think deep down they truly like him and they’ in awe of him, like, ‘Gosh, his body!’ He’s a cool guy. But I think it’s just become a fun thing to do. If they truly hated him… like when people wanted to say we hate Dave Batista, they weren’t giving him that much attention. Then they started to [give him attention because they were like, ‘He’s back to work, we respect that’.
“With John I think it’s become more a fun thing to do. That’s the chant you do! They do it before the shows start. Before the show’s even started, that’s the chant that you’ll always hear!”


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