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Total Divas Recap - Season Two: Episodul #9 (What Happens in Cabo)

WWE: WRESTLING, RAW, SMACKDOWN, THE DIVAS, The Bella Twins, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, 14 Septembrie 2014, Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace | 19 Mai 2014
Things head to Colorado Springs. Natalya’s first shirt is displayed at the merchandise table. Ariane gives everyone an update on Trinity, and photos are shown of her injury. Then, Nikki brings up everyone going to Cabo for Brie’s bachelorette party. Summer talks to Eva afterwards, and she didn’t get invited to go to Cabo with everyone else.
Next, everyone is shown arriving in Mexico. Eva talks about how she is a recovering alcoholic. She doesn’t want to say anything and bring everyone down. Back from commercial and the divas arrive a their hotel. Natalya wants to go mini golfing and swim with dolphins, and everyone makes fun of her.
The show heads back to Mexico, and everyone is trying to get Eva to drink. Nikki is glad that she is with them, and glad that they were able to become friends. After that, they talk about John Cena a bit. He drove hours to see Nikki and Brie’s nana. After that, Natalya and Nikki talk some more about Cena. Nikki talks about how they miss each other, and Natalya thinks that he is going to ask her to marry him. Nikki doesn’t agree, and says that she was previously married when she was 20.
Back from commercial and Nikki says that the marriage was with her high school sweetheart. It was a courthouse marriage, and John doesn’t know about it. The relationship didn’t work out. Apparently, Brie was the only other person that knew. Then, everyone goes to eat food. Everyone orders alcohol except Eva. Then, everyone is shown drinking and partying. Eva is scared and feels overwhelmed. She wishes she could drink, but knows she can’t.
Back from commercial and Eva leaves the party and goes outside. Ariane follows her and asks if she is okay. Eva says she doesn’t feel good. She decides to take a taxi home. They all head back to the hotel afterwards, and Brie says that the way Eva left dampened the mood. In the morning, they all gather together to eat breakfast. Then, they all drink some more at the pool. Eva comes up to them, and they ask what happened last night with her. She tells them she feels out of place as things go to commercial.
Back from commercial and Eva tells them about her previous alcohol problems. They all understand and feel for her. Natalya brings up her dad’s struggles with alcohol. She suggests that Eva would make a great spokesperson to talk about her problems to help people. Eva feels a lot better, and feels that they were able to bond through the experience. Next, the show is back in Mexico. Brie can’t believe that Nikki told Natalya about the wedding. Nikki hopes that Natalya doesn’t tell anyone. She decides that she needs to tell John.
Back from commercial and all the divas go swimming with rescue dolphins. Brie and Eva don’t get in the water. Afterwards, they’re all shown sitting around a fire during their last night in Mexico. They all talk with Nikki about her and John’s relationship. Then, Nikki suggests they all say something sweet about Brie to commemorate the trip. Brie thanks everyone for coming.
Then, Nikki is shown arriving at her family’s home in Phoenix. She gathers them together to tell them about her previous marriage for the first time. Back from commercial and Nikki tells her family about her marriage. Her mother can’t believe that she didn’t say something considering their relationship. Nikki’s brother thinks that John is going to be pissed. He gets angry and leaves the living room. She leaves the house as the show ends
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