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Monday Night RAW Results - May 26TH, 2014

WWE: WRESTLING, RAW, SMACKDOWN, THE DIVAS, The Bella Twins, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, 14 Septembrie 2014, Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace | 27 Mai 2014
Eva Marie (w/Nikki Bella) vs Summer Rae
Eva with a forearm to Summer followed by kicks. Summer sends Eva into the turnbuckles and then Summer kicks Eva. Summer gets a near fall. Summer slams Eva’s head into the mat a few times.
Fandango’s music plays and he comes out to the stage with Layla. Layla kisses Fandango and Fandango does not stop her.
Summer watches the action on the stage and Eva with a rollup for the three count.
Winner: Eva Marie
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