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Monday Night RAW Results - June 30TH, 2014

WWE: WRESTLING, RAW, SMACKDOWN, THE DIVAS, The Bella Twins, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, 15 Septembrie 2014, Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace | 01 Iulie 2014
Nikki Bella vs Cameron and Naomi
Cameron pie faces Nikki and she sends Nikki to the mat by the hair. Cameron gets a near fall. Nikki with forearms but Cameron with an Irish whip. Cameron runs into an uppercut. Nikki with a face buster for a near fall. Nikki pulls Cameron from the ropes but Cameron kicks Nikki away.
Naomi tags in and she kicks Nikki in the head. Naomi with a cross body followed by the inverted DDT for the three count.
Winners: Cameron and Naomi
After the match, Cameron and Naomi argue about winning the match. Cameron pushes Naomi and Naomi pushes back..
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