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Monday Night RAW Results - May 5YH 2014

WWE: WRESTLING, RAW, SMACKDOWN, THE DIVAS, The Bella Twins, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, 04 Septembrie 2014, Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are in their locker room and Stephanie enters. She congratulates Daniel on his victory last night, but all he did was anger the Demon Kane. When Kane is angry, he is known to commit acts of violence. The only way that Daniel’s safety can be guaranteed is if he stays in the locker room until his match. The door closes and Kane’s mask is hanging on the door.
Brie and Bryan are in their locker room and Brie is a little anxious. Bryan tells Brie to stay close to him. The lights go out and the light on the table has a Kane mask on it. Daniel and Brie are in the hallway and Stephanie wonders why they are not in the dressing room. She says that if they are scared about Kane, she can have their car brought up and inside the building. She tells Brie and Daniel to stay put.
Daniel Bryan and Brie continue to walk in the back and they get to their car. Daniel puts Brie in the car and he looks around. Daniel gets in the car and we go to the in car camera. Daniel says that he cannot wait to get out of here. Stephanie shocks Brie and she says that Daniel has a match and he cannot avoid the match or he will be stripped of the WWE Title.
Daniel Bryan (with Brie Bella-Bryan) versus Alberto Del Rio in a Non Title Match After the match, Kane’s pyro goes off and Daniel and Brie look around before they go up the ramp and to the back.
They get in the car and it is not starting. Daniel opens the hood and a wire is unplugged. Brie tells Daniel to hurry but when the hood is put down, Kane appears in the back seat. Brie screams while Kane attacks Daniel and they fight onto the top of the car. Daniel and Brie get into the car and Kane hangs on the top of the car for a moment until he falls off the hood. Kane is down but Daniel stops the car. Brie wants Daniel to leave. Kane sits up and Brie screams while Bryan gets back into the car and it drives away.
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May 6, 2014
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