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Main Event Results - April 15TH, 2014

WRESTLING, RAW, SMACKDOWN, THE DIVAS, The Bella Twins, Brie Bella & Nikki Bella, 19 August 2014, Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace | 16 Aprilie 2014

Divas Battle Royal to determine challenger for Divas Title at Extreme Rules featuring Nikki Bella, Cameron, Naomi, Emma, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Eva Marie, Layla El, and Natalya
The bell rings and people pair up. Alicia sends Emma into the turnbuckles while Eva Marie spanks Layla. Aksana kicks Emma. Layla sends Eva Marie to the apron and then she kicks Eva to the floor to eliminate her. Emma with the DilEmma on Aksana but Nikki with a drop kick and Emma hangs from the ropes and she tries to skin the cat to get in but she fails. Aksana is eliminated by Nikki.
Natalya with a slam attempt to Layla. Layla misses a multi jump cross body and Layla is eliminated. Nikki with a knee to the back. Tamina with a super kick to Nikki. Naomi with Rear View to Alicia. Tamina eliminates Naomi and Cameron goes after Tamina. Tamina with a snap mare and then she kicks Cameron to the floor.
Nikki throws Tamina against the ropes. Alicia does a split on the top rope and Nikki with a kick. Alicia grabs Nikki by the hair and Tamina sends Natalya to the apron. Tamina eliminates Alicia and then Nikki is thrown to the floor. Tamina with a super kick to knock Natalya off the apron and for the final elimination.
Winner: Tamina Snuka
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Aprilie 16, 2014
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