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The Bella Twins: Friday Night Smackdown Results – March 14th, 2014

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 Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella) vs Tamina (w/ AJ Lee)
Nikki drop toe holds Tamina into the ropes and slams her head on the mat, then she goes for a springboard from the apron but Tamina throws her on the mat. Tamina hits a side slam and goes for a Superfly Splash, but Nikki rolls away and hits a clothesline and goes for a Rack Attack. Tamina elbows her and gets a near fall, then AJ tries to get involved but Brie clotheslines AJ before Tamina throws her into the barricade. Tamina rolls in but Nikki kicks her in the stomach, then she hits Rack Attack for the win.
Winner: Nikki Bella

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