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The Bella Twins: WWE Superstars Results – January 24th, 2014

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Total Divas – Season 2 Promo
Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) versus Alicia Fox (with Aksana)
Brie with a rolling single leg crab but Alicia gets to the ropes. Brie with a flying mare to Alicia. Alicia pushes Brie but Brie with forearms. Alicia with a forearm to the back and she sends Brie to the floor. Brie slaps Alicia from the floor but Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Alicia sends Brie face first into the mat. Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Alicia with a forearm and snap mare followed by a rear chin lock.
Brie with elbows to get free of Alicia but Alicia with a clothesline. Alicia gets a near fall. Alicia with a reverse chin lock. Alicia with shoulders in the corner but Brie with a kick and shoulder tackle from the turnbuckles but Alicia with a near fall.
Alicia stretches Brie and puts her boot in Brie’s back. Brie with a snap mare to escape followed by a clothesline and drop kicks. Brie goes for the running knee but Alicia gets to the floor. Brie brings Alicia back in and connects with a series of knees. Brie sends Alicia face first into the mat. Aksana distracts Brie long enough to allow Alicia to pull Brie off the turnbuckles. Alicia gets a near fall.
Nikki sends Aksana into the ringside barrier and then she hits Shock Treatment. Meanwhile, in the ring, Brie with a running knee to the head followed by the X Factor for the three count.
Winner: Brie Bella
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