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The Bella Twins - Hell In a Cell Preview: Brie Bella vs AJ Lee

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With her victory over Divas Champion AJ Lee on the Oct. 18 edition of SmackDown, Brie Bella has earned another opportunity to dethrone the unstable champion this Sunday at WWE Hell in a Cell.
After AJ’s scathing tirade against the entire cast of E!’s “Total Divas,” Brie has emerged as a true threat to the title. Bella, a former Divas Champion herself, came close to reclaiming the title at WWE Battleground, but a distraction by Tamina Snuka led to AJ walking out with her most prized possession in hand.
AJ’s love affair with the Divas Championship led her to seek out Snuka, hiring the powerful woman as her personal bodyguard. Tamina has shown she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty to keep the butterfly-emblazoned title around Lee’s waist.
The budding rivalry took a serious turn on the Oct. 14 Raw, when Brie took on Tamina while AJ watched from ringside. The second-generation Diva nearly took off Brie’s head with a big boot, then crushed her with a Superfly Splash after the bell. With her sister, Nikki, banned from Ringside, Brie was helpless against AJ’s vicious Black Widow submission.
With her left shoulder heavily taped up and her sister by her side, Brie battled AJ just four days later on SmackDown. Once again, Tamina tried to distract Brie by attacking her sister, but Nikki evaded Snuka’s assault, leaving AJ open to a vicious facebuster and a defeat at the hands of the Bella twin.
With the playing field now level between the two Divas, can Brie Bella continue her hot streak and rip the Divas Championship from AJ Lee’s clutches at WWE Hell in a Cell?


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