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The Bella Twins - WWE Hell In A Cell Recap

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Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella) vs AJ Lee (w/ Tamina Snuka)
The bell rings and we get a lock up. AJ pushes Brie away, and nothing is solved. AJ shoves Brie’s face, and catches her with a right hand, but Brie responds with a right of her own. Brie rolls AJ up for two, then goes to work on her arm. AJ tries to fight back, but Brie hits a Northern lights suplex. Brie connects with a back elbow in the corner, but when she heads out to the apron, AJ sends her crashing out to the floor. AJ brings things back into the ring and covers Brie for two.
AJ clamps on a side headlock, but Brie is able to fight out. AJ sends Brie into the ropes and chokes her against the middle rope. AJ picks Brie up for a big neck breaker, then skips around the ring with a big smile on her face. AJ picks Brie up and kicks her in the stomach, but runs right into a knee to the gut. AJ traps Brie in a guillotine choke, dropping Brie down to the mat.
Brie stands and fights out of the hold before hitting a missile dropkick to send AJ crashing across the ring. Brie charges in with a couple of big dropkicks, and a sloppy clothesline that’s good for two. Brie sends AJ into the corner and runs into a big boot. AJ sends Brie crashing face first into the turnbuckle. AJ tries for the black widow, but Brie fights out. AJ goes for a roll up, but Brie counters into a half-crab. Nikki and Tamina get into on the outside while AJ makes it into the ropes. Brie goes for a running knee, but accidentally connects with her sister. AJ locks in the black widow, and forces Brie to tap out.
Winner – AJ Lee

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