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The Bella Twins: Total Divas Recap: Episode #7 – A leg up

WRESTLING | RAW | SMACKDOWN | THE DIVAS | The Bella Twins, Brie Bella & Nikki Bella | 17 SEPTEMBRIE 2013
Next, Nikki is talking. She says her and Brie have been working non-stop since they came back. 

Nikki says she loves it and can’t get enough. Then, Vincent and Ariane are shown. Ariane is going out and Vincent and her fight about it. They show a recap of what happened with them last week in Vegas. Ariane says Vincent is getting on her last nerves. She shuts the door in his face.
Things head to John Cena’s house in Florida. He is being stretched to increase his flexibility. Nikki lies down and the trainers stretch her too. Cena says it’s difficult not to gaze into her femininity. They kiss and Nikki whispers in Cena’s ear that she is more flexible.
Then, the Bellas, Eva, Nattie, Jo Jo and Ariane are eating. The “veterans” give Jo Jo and Eva crap for not dressing up. Eva tells them that Maxim wants to shoot with her and the Bellas talk about it. Then, Ariane mentions that Vincent wants her parents to meet her parents. Ariane says in Vincent’s culture you don’t meet the parents unless it’s way serious. She says she isn’t ready for marriage or anything yet because they’ve only been together for 10 months. Ariane says she has love for him but isn’t in love with him yet. The other girls question if she should even be with him.
The show heads to Hartford, CT and clips from a six diva tag match are shown. Nikki says she wants to be the main diva and talks about it. Then, Kaitlyn is shown throwing Brie into Nikki. Nikki falls off the apron and gets injured. Her and Brie are shown in the locker room after the match talking about going to the doctor but Nikki doesn’t want to. Then, a history of Nikki’s shin injury is shown. Brie mentions that she is going to make Nikki go to the doctor because it affects her standing too.
The show heads to Tampa. Nikki and John are at a coffee shop. She tells him that her shin is bothering her. He tells her she needs to get it checked, but she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want to take off work. They talk about it.
Then, Nikki is shown getting her leg scanned at a hospital to find out if anything is wrong. She says she is stressed out and notices a white spot on the scanner, which apparently means there is an injury. Nikki says she has to wait for the WWE doctors to get the info and it’s stressing her out that she didn’t take care of it sooner.
Back from commercial and Nikki and Brie are on the way to the WWE doctors. Dr. Sampson tells Nikki that she has a stress fracture. He tells Nikki says she is going to be out for about 3 months. Nikki is way upset because she made things worse by not taking care of her injury sooner. Dr. Sampson says he is going to get stuff ready for her.
Then, the Bellas meet with a talent person. He said he met with creative and they’re not sure what to do with Nikki on crutches. Nikki says she seriously feels like her wrestling career is over to end the show.
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