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LAYLA EL - Smackdown Results : Good Girl Gone Bad

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Backstage Segment/Interview –
We’re backstage as we see Renee Young, she introduces Kaitlyn and Layla is there too, rocking a gorgeous cut black dress. Renee Young asks Kaitlyn what her strategy is for her title match against A.J tonight. Kaitlyn says that she let A.J mess with her head. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, you’re going to get speared.” She continues to say that she is ready this time and brings up how she was raised in Houston (where Smackdown was taped) and this is the arena where she won her Divas title for the first time. Kaitlyn goes on to say that tonight, history will repeat itself again. Renee then moves the mic over to Layla and Layla says that she’s been in the business for a long time and she’s seen Divas come and go and she’s never seen anyone with the drive and determination than Kaitlyn has. Layla goes on to say that Kaitlyn is the real deal. Kaitlyn hesitates and thanks Layla as the two hug it out.

Kaitlyn with Layla vs A.J. Lee for the Divas Title –
Kaitlyn’s music hits and out comes Kaitlyn accompanied by Layla. Kaitlyn and A.J’s match from this week’s RAW is shown. Next comes Divas Champion A.J. Lee, skipping down to the ring. Layla is shown ringside clapping for Kaitlyn, the bell rings and A.J. goes right after Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn gains full control early on the match and clotheslines A.J. A.J regains control and slams Kaitlyn’s neck on the lower rope. Layla is showing concern as Kaitlyn tries to not tap out. She picks up A.J. and slams her backside to the corner of the ring. A.J. skips around the ring before going back to business and kicks Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn comes back with a drop kick. A.J. gets out of the ring, to the floor and Kaitlyn slams A.J. in to the barricades. Layla watches from a few feet away before she runs and blocks Kaitlyn from hurting A.J. even more. This causes Kaitlyn to get distracted and A.J. to get back on her feet and blindside Kaitlyn.  A.J. slams Kaitlyn into the barricade as Layla smiles. Back in the ring, A.J puts  Kailtyn into the deadly Black Widow.
Kaitlyn taps out and Layla is shown smiling, impressed and happy by A.J.’s win. A.J. gets out of the ring and she and Layla skip their way out. Layla turns around as Kaitlyn looks in disbelief. Layla and A.J. hug it out and celebrate after A.J.’s win.
So, Team LayJ? What do you think about this? Layla is no more the good girl, you know what they say, bad girls always have more fun.

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