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LAYLA EL - Layla and Lilian Garcia Support Susan G. Komen & Free Mammograms

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LOS ANGELES — Throughout SummerSlam Week, WWE and Susan G. Komen are joining forces with SGK grantee Watts Healthcare to provide free mammograms to underserved and underinsured women in the Los Angeles area.
WWE Diva Layla and SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia visited SGK’s mobile mammogram station outside the Northgate Gonzalez Market in East Los Angeles on Friday morning to support this important cause and to share how breast cancer has impacted their own lives and families.
“This event, to me, is very touching, very personal, due to the fact that I did lose my mom to breast cancer,” Layla explained. “To be here for ladies that may not be able to afford a mammogram, it’s very inspiring. It shows that we care, that WWE cares, that Susan G. Komen cares. If we can just save one life, or even make one person not scared to be tested, then we’ve achieved everything we can.”
Lilian similarly felt personal ties to the cause.
“I feel it’s very important, personally, because it was due to a mammogram my mom detected the kind of cancer she had,” she said. “She was able to start fighting it right away, beat it and she’s here 20-plus years after. I am very grateful for this.”
This mobile mammogram screening program is part of WWE’s ongoing partnership with SGK that raised more than $1 million last October to fight breast cancer and raise awareness through the “Rise Against Cancer” campaign. WWE and SGK teamed up again this past spring for the “Make Moms Proud” initiative, which encouraged and empowered members of the WWE Universe to get involved in this important battle on behalf of all of the women in their lives.
“The mobile mammogram unit is phenomenal. It is the best thing ever,” Layla stated. “You can be grocery shopping and step right in and get a test done. You can be outside at SummerSlam Axxess, like we will be on Sunday, Aug. 18. Come by, get an autograph, jump in the unit and get a mammogram. It’s very convenient.”
Carrie Glasscock, director of corporate relations for SGK, shed even more light on the importance of screenings and early detection.
“If breast cancer is caught early before it spreads to other parts of the breast, the survival rate is 98 percent,” she explained. “If you catch it early, it is most likely you will survive. It is so important for us to make sure that these women are getting screened, catching the disease early if they are diagnosed, so they can get the treatment they need and they’ll just become survivors.”
“All I know is that we’re going to beat breast cancer,” Layla declared. “We are going to beat breast cancer.”
To learn more about how you can help in the mission to eradicate breast cancer, visit  http://ww5.komen.org/wwe.aspx.
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