marți, 2 iulie 2013

Happy Birthday LAYLA EL!

WRESTLING | RAW | SMACKDOWN | THE DIVAS | LAYLA EL | 02 IULIE 2013 | Posted by: Sarah || Filed in: Uncategorized || June 25th, 2013
Today, our British beauty turns 36 years old. Like every year, we always try and do something special for Layla’s special day. For the past few months, I’ve been working on a birthday project for Layla in which many of you have participated in by sending in photos, videos, and messages. I created a birthday site and a birthday video filled with birthday messages for Layla sent by fans. Be sure to check out our birthday site for Layla and watch a birthday video filled with fans leaving a video message for Layla. Happy birthday Layla! Thanks to all for participating in this project.
Here’s a video of fans wishing Layla a happy birthday :

Here’s an amazing m/v made by Rachel for Layla’s birthday :


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