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WWE RAW Results - May 13, 2013

WRESTLING | RAW | SMACKDOWN | 22 IUNIE 2013 | THE DIVAS | Summer Rae - Danielle Moinet
In his younger and more vulnerable years, Chris Jericho dabbled in the art of dance on “Dancing With the Stars” and proved himself to be a pretty adept rug-cutter. For those keeping score, that makes two extracurriculars Y2J is aces at (he’s also great at musical chairs and “The Price is Right”). But dance with the devil in the pale moonlight and you’re likely to get decked from behind, as Y2J — flanked by former “Stars” competitor Edyta Sliwinska — learned during his tango with Fandango on Monday Night Raw.
The friendly-ish exercise in rhythmic rivalry had the WWE Universe shivering with anticipation, but Fandango’s initiating dance was cut short by an apparent injury to Summer Rae’s ankle. When Jericho gentlemanly moved to check on the injured dancer, Fandango struck from behind and did a number of his own on Y2J, kicking him in the face and bashing Jericho in the head with a piece of the hardwood floor. Summer Rae proved herself to be far from a beautiful little fool as well, later revealing her tweaked ankle as subterfuge to trap Jericho into her man’s attack. Sly devils, but the next time they meet, Fandango may not be so lucky.
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