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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap – June 3rd

WRESTLING | RAW | SMACKDOWN | The Bella Twins, Brie Bella & Nikki Bella | 05 IUNIE 2013

AJ Lee & The Bella Twins vs Kaitlyn & The Funkadactyls
AJ slaps Kaitlyn and taunts her, then Kaitlyn grabs her by the hair but AJ breaks away and tags out. Kaitlyn tags in Naomi, and she drops Nikki and splashes her, then Nikki ducks a crossbody and slams her head on the mat. Nikki taunts her opponents on the aporn before tagging Brie in, then she stomps Naomi from the middle rope before kicking her in the face. Nikki pulls her hair and puts her in an armbar, but Naomi punches her in the stomach to break it and follows with a kick to the face. Kaitlyn tags in and knocks Brie down with a clothesline, then she hits a DDT for two before throwing her into Nikki on the apron and setting up for the finish. Nikki counters with a knockdown and reaches for a tag, but AJ leaves her high and dry and leaves as Kaitlyn hits a spear for the win.
Winners – Kaitlyn & The Funkadactyls
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