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THE Wicked Witches Of WWE

WRESTLING | RAW | SMACKDOWN | LAYLA EL | 09 IUNIE 2013 | Posted by: Sarah || Filed in: Articles || June 7th, 2013
#5 – Team Lay-Cool
Those Divas who thought they had escaped the tyranny of junior high mean girls got an unpleasant reminder of how ugly beautiful women can be when Layla and Michelle McCool paired up under the banner of Team Lay-Cool in 2009.
Brought together by a mutual appreciation of high fashion and low morals, “Lay” and “Mich” were so wicked they once brought Mickie James to tears on SmackDown by recording a video in which they compared the lovely Diva to a barnyard animal. The incendiary reaction the duo received after that incident may have quelled a less confident pairing, but Team Lay-Cool drank up the WWE Universe’s boos like they were sipping on Skinnygirl Margaritas.
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