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Monday Night RAW Results - June 03, 2013

Wade Barrett got the better of The Miz with an underhanded Bull Hammer from behind before their match, but The Awesome One got the last laugh with a Figure Four Leglock that left the Intercontinental Champion a-tappin’ for mercy on Raw. Though, all things considered, Miz got a pretty big assist in his win over the brawling champion, as Barrett had left him pancaked with the Winds of Change when Fandango reappeared atop the ramp with Summer Rae in tow. The pair’s impromptu dance left Barrett distracted just long enough for Miz to rally, tripping the Englishman up and wrenching his legs into the Figure Four for a submission victory and a sigh of relief in quick succession.
The Great Khali vs. Fandango went to a No Contest
Not only do the record books reflect that Fandango is winless against The Great Khali in dance-offs, but the dancing Superstar’s luck in genuine competition is similarly spotty against the former World Champion. Each of Fandango’s tangos with The Punjabi Playboy have ended in abrupt fashion, and their meeting in Hartford was no exception.

Granted, it was only quick thinking on Fandango’s part that kept him from looking up at the lights, as he attempted to flee when the big man had Fandango on the proverbial ropes. An appearance by The Miz kept Fandango from making a clean getaway, but Wade Barrett truly brought the action to a halt when he appeared from the locker room and leveled The Awesome One with a Bull Hammer that allowed Fandango to dance away unscathed, but posed an ill omen for Miz’s previously-announced bout with Barrett himself.

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