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Jun. 2nd, 2013 | Impact Results – May 30th

TNA | Impact Wrestling | 11 IUNIE 2013 | Filed Under: TNA Results

Chris Sabin & Taryn Terrell vs Kenny King & Gail Kim
The ladies start us off and Terrell dominates Gail, overwhelming her with crazed offense and hitting a rolling neck breaker. Gail tries to escape to the apron and gets clotheslined and suplexed back into the ring. The gentlemen tag in and Sabin easily controls King with arm drags and take downs. King tries to throw Sabin into Terrell and clotheslines him from behind when he tries to stop himself. King with the cartwheel kick and gets in Terrell’s face before covering Sabin for 2 and tying him up in a seated abdominal stretch. King slams Sabin but misses a springboard leg drop and Sabin mounts a comeback. Sabin hits a power bomb into a DDT for 2, Gail grabs his hair from the apron and allows King to nail him from behind. The girls wind up in the ring and Gail tries to kick Sabin, but Sabin catches her boot and holds her so Terrell can hit a spear. Sabin hits a leaping enziguiri and the Cradle Shock for the win.
Winners: Chris Sabin and Taryn Terrell

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