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RAW Results: MAY 20TH, 2013

WRESTLING | LAYLA EL | 21 MAI 2013 | Posted by: Sarah || Filed in: Raw Results || May 20th, 2013

Layla vs AJ Lee
Back from the break and Layla is in the ring with #1 contender AJ Lee. We see footage from Extreme Rules where AJ and Kaitlyn brawled backstage. AJ strikes first and takes Layla down. AJ with two neckbreakers and a 2 count.
Layla makes a comeback with kicks and takes AJ down. Layla mocks AJ and skips around the ring. Layla with another kick and a dropkick. Layla keeps up the attack in the corner. AJ counters a sideslam and locks in her Black Widow submission for the win.
After the match, AJ straddles Layla and blows her a kiss before pushing her head back to the mat.
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