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WRESTLING | LAYLA EL | 29 APRILIE 2013 | Posted by: Sarah || Filed in: Raw Results || April 22nd, 2013

A Divas battle royal is announced to determine the number one contender for the Divas title. WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn is shown sitting on the commentary table. One by one the Divas make their way to the ring, A.J Lee, Tamina, Aksana, Naomi, and Layla. Layla wore a new attire today and looked gorgeous! The ladies are in the ring and the bell rings. Layla goes right after A.J Lee, kicking her in the mid-section. Tamina comes up from behind and hits Layla, then clotheslines her, sending Layla down. Layla gets back on her feet and goes after Aksana. The two battle it out and Layla eliminates Aksana by kicking her out of the ring.
Layla turns her attention to Tamina and double teams with Naomi as the two try to throw out Tamina. Layla then with a booty bump to Tamina. Tamina gets back and eliminates Naomi. Layla, Tamina, and A.J are the only ones left as Tamina and Layla turn their attention to each other. Tamina picks up Layla but Layla manages to escape her hold. Layla then tries to kick Tamina but misses. After some more battling, Layla eliminates Tamina. Layla and A.J are the only ones left in the ring. A.J is still knocked out cold as Layla tries to drag A.J out of the ring. Layla tries again, A.J is now awake and elminates Layla. A.J is the number one contender for the Divas title.

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