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Smackdown! Results : March 8th, 2013

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Match : Kaitlyn with Layla vs Tamina
Earlier tonight, on WWE Active, Layla asked Kaitlyn if she could accompany her to her match tonight and stand ringside to which Kaitlyn agreed.
Tamina and Kaitlyn are already in the ring as Layla stands ringside. Layla looked stunning in all black as she watched and cheered on Kaitlyn. The bell rings and the Divas go at it. As the match continues, Tamina countered Kaitlyn’s cross body which sent Kaitlyn to the ropes. Kaitlyn fell out of the ring and Layla ran to check on her. Tamina came outside and shoved Layla into the barricade and went after Kaitlyn. Layla tried to get into the ring to go after Tamina but the referee stopped her. Tamina took the advantage and hit Kaitlyn while the referee was dealing with Layla. Tamina pinned Kaitlyn to get the win. After the match, Kaitlyn just stared at Layla.
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