marți, 12 martie 2013

Overtime Raw Punk adds Insult to Injury with Bearer’s Urn!


Raw results: Undertaker & Kane honor Paul Bearer, and CM Punk makes his most despicable move yet

At the close of an emotional Raw dedicated to the late Paul Bearer, CM Punk smashed WWE Tag Team Champion Kane in the head with Bearer’s urn. The sign of disrespect drew the ire of Punk’s WrestleMania 29 opponent, The Undertaker.

CM Punk interrupted The Undertaker’s memorial for Paul Bearer; Kane attacked Punk


INDIANAPOLIS — On this night in Indianapolis, The Undertaker came not to challenge, to mystify or to terrify, but rather to remember the life of the man who shepherded him into WWE 20 years ago: Paul Bearer. (WATCH: BEARER RETROSPECTIVE) With Bearer’s famous urn placed atop a ceremonial pedestal, The Demon of Death Valley silently paid homage to his old friend falling to one knee before the urn while Bearer’s likeness appeared on the TitanTron.
Of course, no celebration is complete these days without CM Punk interrupting, and The Straight Edge Superstar brought the funerary proceedings to a screeching halt when he appeared onstage. The former WWE Champion wasted no time before launching into his latest tirade against The Phenom. “I would like to offer my sincere apologies for your loss ... at WrestleMania,” Punk said, offering the silver lining that, to Bearer, The Phenom would “always be perfect,” a comfort the WWE Universe would no longer have once WrestleMania concluded. But while Punk basked in his own suspect glory, Kane barreled forth from the shadows and drove Punk into the locker room (WATCH), rampaging through the backstage area in a lone manhunt for the Superstar who so grossly disrespected his father.



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